Blogging Photography

Blogging photography

I just wanted to shed some light on how i edit photos for my blog, please continue reading to find out more. 
As you may have noticed from the title of this post, today i'll be talking about how i take/edit my pictures. Here i'll show you how i edit my photots, i do personally find it very time consuming but the end result makes up for it.
  1. Taking the picture
    When taking pictures, i look at the weather first. Moderate sunny weather will give you the most bright and natural looking pictures, this is when you should be taking your pictures. Even if you edit photos that have been taken on a gloomy day, they won't turn out as great.
    (Background)As for backgrounds the options are endless, most of the time my background is my white desk, wooden floor or a page from a magazine. For this particular image i used a page of an old magazine, i found that the colours complemented each other. Usually when picking a background i find something that goes well with the featured item, it helps lift the overall image.
  2. Editing
    This is where the magic begins - I use the app VSCOcam to edit all of my raw images, i adjust the Exposure, Contrast, Sharpness and Grain until i am satisfied with the end result. After all the editing i crop out the unnecessary bits leaving with an almost perfect picture.
  3. Wording
    FINALLY THE FINAL STEP, Lastly i add the relevant wording onto the picture, of course when taking the picture i leave a space so that i can add the wording later (now), for this step i use the app A+ Signature - This app is very useful, there are so many ways you can add your wording on any picture of your choice. I use the same font on all of my pictures, so it looks clean and consistent.
Below i've inserted the raw picture, so that you can see what editing can do to your pictures, as you can see there is quite a large difference. Obviously the final picture looks much better.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what apps do you use for editing?
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~
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  1. Great tips :) I always try to use natural sunlight as well. My fav photo edit apps are Cymera and Line Camera!

  2. Hi Lisa, love your photography! Am starting to come to terms with really editing photos - especially adding text - before I post...who would think that creating a gorgeous image would take longer than writing a post!

    1. Thank you!, i do agree sometimes it is very time consuming.

  3. great post, I've been trying to improve my blogging photography so this is really helpful. I currently use pixlr as an editor :) would love if you could check out my fashion blog?


  4. Thanks for sharing this info! I'm trying to get better with editing my photos and what not lol
    This was super helpful~

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog~My New Outfit Post!!!

  5. I've been loving wooden floors as a background so much as of late! I usually use Photoshop to edit all my photos--gets the work done!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

  6. This is cool, thanks for sharing! Does this mean you take photos on your phone? Looks great!

  7. Lovely tips! Having good photographs can definitely make such a difference to a post! x