Jo Malone Range

Having never heard of Jo Malone. It was only around a month ago that i was introduced to the entire brand. Scrolling through the occasional picture on instagram, i finally took the initiative and went to see what Jo Malone had to offer.

Splurge or Save?

In the market there are both drugstore and high end products available but not always does the price reflect the quality of certain products. The $50 eyeliner may work just as well as the $15 eyeliner in the local pharmacy. In this post i will be listing which products you can save or splurge on. 

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Chanel Beauty Haul 2016 + New In

Beauty Haul 

Chanel seems to be one of the few brands that capture me by their beautiful packaging. Ribbons, camellias and crisp white wrapping paper what else could you ask for. 

In today's post i will be sharing a couple of products that i picked up and a quick review of each. Please do continue reading to find out more...

The Only One Lipsticks by Rimmel London

Yet again, Rimmel London have recently released a new line of lipsticks. This time it is a all in one lipstick. Please continue reading for find out more.