Korean Cosmetics Haul

Finally back with a small haul consisting of a few Korean cosmetics, that caught my eye when i was on ebay.

Innisfree's relatively new mascara - Skinny waterproof mircocara

Innisfree claims that this mascara
- Is water, sweat & oil proof
- Provides rich & dense lashes (not sure what they mean by dense)
- Contains plant extract that soothes, moisturise and protects lashes

This mascara is no ordinary mascara, i find that the super thin wand really helps coat every single lash from the roots to the tips. I can see that the mascara provides length but gives minimal to no volume and curl, it's also very waterproof therefore slightly difficult to remove.

Next up is the Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Eyeliner

Clio claims that this eyeliner
- No smudge & waterproof
- Vivid range of colours
- Eyeliner is soft and easy to use
- Convenient auto type pencil & sharpener included

I read a few reviews beforehand and noticed that many people found this eyeliner smudged within a few hours, having that in mind i purchased the brown so i could use it as an eyeshadow base instead. I agree that this eyeliner smudges pretty quickly after application, the liner glides onto my waterline but within a 1-2 hours i can see transferring,
As i said above this product is great as a eyeshadow base, most of the colours if not all have glitter in them.

And lastly the highly raved Clio Brush Liner Kill Black

Clio Kill Black
- Longlasting & waterproof
- Intense carbon black
- High elasticity brush for easy application

Meejmuse (Korean Youtuber) mentioned this in one of her videos, so it was something i had to buy. Yes this is one of the best liquid liners that i have used. I used to use the original Dolly Wink eyeliner, but ever since Koji made a few alterations, the quality has downgraded alot. This Clio eyeliner is actually a revamped version of their original one, luckily the quality has not changed. The thin brush can be used to draw both thick and thin lines depending on personal preference, it is also very black in colour which is one of the things i look for in an eyeliner.

All of my products were ordered off the eBay seller (f2plus1). This eBay seller has many good reviews and is a very reliable seller. My experience - after ordering, my items were shipped within 1-2 days, i received my items within 2 weeks of ordering and everything was wrapped in bubble wrap for safety. I personally haven't had any problems but they would be more than happy to resolve any issues you may come across. 

Hope you found this post helpful, have you tried any Korean cosmetics before? Ill soon be writing a post all about Korean cosmetics, if you have any questions please ask below!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~


  1. I love Korean makeup! they usually so natural looking :)


  2. Have never tried Korean cosmetics before but would obviously love to. My question to you...what makes korean cosmetics better than the typical cosmetics we get in drugstores here?


    1. Online would be the best place to purchase korean cosmetics!

  3. I have never tried any Korean beauty products, but I definitely want to!!!

    1. You definitely should !! Thanks for reading ~

  4. I'm interested in Korean makeup and skincare. I'm planning on buying some things so this post was very helpful. Thank you for sharing.