Tiffany & Co. Pendant

Tiffany&Co. is well known for their elegant jewellery, the high price tag comes with good quality jewellery and beautiful service. Tiffany&Co. offers a wide range of jewellery such as pendents, bracelets and rings, it's a perfect gift for someone special or yourself.
I think it's every girls dream to own a Tiffany piece. I've always loved the blue boxes with the white bows, it's absolutely beautiful, recently i was lucky enough to be gifted the Return To Tiffany Heart Pendant Charm in the size medium.

To be honest, i was afraid that the silver would rust or change colour, but after a few months of wearing the necklace constantly, i can assure you that this won't happen. Of course with good care, you will be able to treasure you jewellery for a lifetime.

Just some tips to keep it in top notch condition:

  • Don't wear while showering
  • Keep away from chlorine, perfume and mists
  • Polish once and a while to maintain the shine. 

Tiffany&Co. stores are located in many countries, head to the website for more information, If you're in Melbourne (Australia) there are Tiffany&Co. stores in the City and Chadstone, both stores have lovely service so do not be afraid to enter and have a browse. My pendant was purchased from the store in the city.

Do you have any Tiffany&Co. pieces, if so please share below. I'd love to see your collection.
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  1. Wow the packaging is gorgeous..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I've always wanted to go to tiffanys. I'd love a necklace, even just a box would do haha.

    1. Defiantly head down to the store, the atmosphere is very nice !

  3. I don't have anything from Tiffany's, but I want to get something from there someday! :)

    Just Sweet Petite - A Petite Blog