[Review] Chanel Lip Pencil

The other week i was browsing the Chanel Beauty Counter and came across the Lip Pencil, I swatched a few colours on my hand and notice that at the end of the day the colours were still on my hand. I knew i had to go back and get one.

So here is the review for the CHANEL Le Crayon Levres - Lip Pencil. I purchased the colour 88 Rose Clair, which is a shimmery rosy pink, it's an absolutely beautiful colour. 

As i mention above, this lip pencil is very long lasting. On my lips it lasts all day without fading, even after eating a meal the colour is still there. Usually i fill my bottom lips then i just purse my lips together so that the colour transfers to the top and then i apply my favourite YSL glossy stain, i feel that they both pair well together. I usually wear a gradient lip rather than a full lip colour, the gradient lip is much more natural looking for an everyday look. 

I do admit that this lip liner is quite pricey, i paid $44AUD which is probably double or even triple the price of a drugstore lip liner, but i think that it is worth ever cent. 

PROS:                                           CONS:
- Long lasting                                - Expensive

- Comes with Sharpener
- Beautiful packaging (Chanel)

Overall, I would highly recommend this lip liner, if you are willing to spend that amount of money, obviously there are many drugstore lip liners that are probably the same quality, i personally just wanted to see how this particular liner worked. As of now i'm not sure if i'm willing to pay another $44AUD for a lip liner. 

Do have any drugstore lip liners that you can recommend to me? Please let me know below! 
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~

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  1. Love Chanel, products are always amazing !

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. I love using lip pencils but I have never tried one from Chanel. Great review.

  3. I use NYX but it definitely doesn't stay on all day!


  4. I've been using Chanel lip liners for a while but I find that Avon lipliners are also really good in the same way that they apply and last like Chanel ones, except they don't cost the same as buying another lipstick. :P
    Maybe I'm also a little biased because they just discontinued my favourite colour! However, do try out Avon ones, because I find they're almost as good!

  5. I actually haven't heard anything about the Chanel lip liners, but it sounds amazing (much like everything else Chanel!). Definitely can't afford it though haha! :P

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. My wallet cries every time after i come out of chanel... ahhaah Its worth it.

  6. I haven't jumped on the train yet and actually never used lip liner! Though, it was great reading this review and I'll be keeping this one in mind when I make the plunge :)

  7. yea i'd say price point would be a consistent con across the chanel brand LOL. but if it lasts all day and performs well then why not. sometimes a splurge now and then doesn't hurt.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I think it just hit me that nothing from chanel is affordable. I never actually thought about it.

  8. It looks like a lovely shade! I don't wear lip liner that often so spending more than $10 on one would be a bit silly for me. I do like Rimmel lip liners for an affordable option.
    xx Kat @ Katness

  9. Oh thanks for share this good product!