Saving Money Tips

As a student who loves makeup its difficult to be able to afford makeup for yourself when you aren't earning as much and parents aren't keen on letting you spend their money. 

Here are some tips that helped me keep on track and be able to afford makeup without having to go broke.

Don't use a debit/credit card of any type 

Always use cash when your buying makeup, it helps you realize when you have no more money in your wallet because it is visible to you, usually with debit cards you just tap/swipe thinking that you have money in your account. But when your card declines is when you feel heartbroken.

Think before you buy 

Before buying anything, think if you need it or not. Usually if your still thinking about the product in a week you should get it, theres a difference between wants and needs, you obviously need to buy your needs before your wants due to the fact they are necessities in your life. But some items such as wants. Ask yourself, do you really need this. Its not a great feeling when you impulse buy something and then later on its just laying there not being used. You feel as though that money could be put into something you really need. 

Look out for discounts

Lets be honest, everyone loves sales, your getting the same item for a better price, usually theres offers such as gift with purchase or a basic 10% off all cosmetics, these are the best times to purchase your need because your getting more for you money. Sometimes it is worth the wait for the sales if you know for sure they are coming your way. 

Combine shipping when ordering online

Ordering from an website? Gather a few friends to combine an order, this way you either can get free shipping or split the shipping costs, it definitely will save you a lot. Some websites go by weight, for this you do save a bit but if it's not worth the hassle then it would probably be best to order by yourself. 

Keep track of your finances

For example if you earn $200 a week be sure not to spend all the $200, always save what you can just in case a new limited edition palette comes out and you don't want to be sad knowing that you might miss out on it due to the fact that you didn't save from the past months.

Saving is never an easy task, but once you start with good habits they will definitely stick with you for the rest of your life. Hope this was a helpful post, what other ways do you save money?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~

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  1. This is a really nice post! I also take all of these things into account when I want to buy beauty items, as well as thinking of things I need more than I want. I thank myself later when I buy something more important instead of splurging on that high end eyeshadow palette I probably wouldn't have used much! Also, there's a typo with 'finances' and 'fiances' (hehe you should only have one fiance ;) ) I like to use an app to keep track of finances ^_^
    ~Weng wengiful

    1. Oops thanks for the correction! Thank you for reading :D