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Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your 2016 so far. To start of the year, i'm here with a review of a few skincare products by Kiehl's. To find out more please continue reading.

Having heard many amazing things about the Kiehl's skincare range, i was interested in trying a few items from the brand. 

I personally was never got into skincare because i was always afraid of allergic reactions or something happening to my skin. But having read on the packaging that their products were mild, i thought to myself why not give it a try.

I tested the following products below for a period of 1 month and here are my thoughts.

Ultra Facial Toner*

Cleanser - The cleaner is a gel type form which foams up after massaging into the face. I found that the cleaner did a very good job of cleaning all the dirt, makeup and any reside off my face and i was left with very clean skin, despite the clean skin, my skin did not feel dry or tight. This product had a very refreshing scent that is not strong. It is also mentioned that the cleaner is mild and suitable for any skin type. 

Toner - The toner is quite milky and runny, after using the cleanser i used this to remove any dirt that was left over from cleansing.  While removing all the dirt this product also hydrated my skin. Since i personally have normal to dry skin i find that a non-water type toner is the best way to go. This toner is also suitable for any skin type. As of recent, Kiehl's has brought out an oil-free toner as well.

Daily Reviving Concentrate - This product helps to provide moisture to the face without looking oily. I do use this before my moisturiser so that my makeup doesn't looks so dry, it is good since it doesn't make my face super oily too! After using this for a month my skin also seems brighter in appearance. The product contains a blend of Ginger root, Sunflower and Tamanu oils which help to brighten your skin and reduce the look of skin fatigue, making you look refreshed. You can also pair this product with the night version which helps repair the skin while you sleep. 

Overall, having tried Kiehl's products for the first time, i am fairly impressed by how well they work on my skin, thanks to Kiehl's my skin has improved alot. I do have to mention that the price is on the high side but it is worth your money, also they do come in large sizes which will last a while even with everyday use. Please do remember that products work differently on different individuals. Hope this post was helpful, i will be back with more reviews so please stay tuned for more!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~

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*Product sent for consideration


  1. omg I've been wanting to try Kiehl's products for ages! I previously tried a Kiehl's deodorant (bit of a random product) but because of how effective it was, it made me realise it was heaps better than cheaper products. Glad to know they worked out well for you!
    ~Weng wengiful