Rimmel London Super Gel Nail Polish

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If you recently have noticed, it seems like the 2 step gel nail polishes are quite popular at the moment. Around a few weeks back i reviewed the Sally Hansen Gel nails but today in this post i will be talking about the Rimmel London Super Gel Nail Polish*. 

Basically what this product does, is give you the salon gel nail look but with only 2 products. Rimmel claims that the product will last up to 14 days and is also easy to remove. Some of us may love the gel look, so heres an easy way to achieve the look without using any light or lamp source.

How to use?
Apply 1-2 coats of the Super Gel colour, followed by the Super Gel self-curing Top Coat to activate up to 14 day so shine. 

I found that the colour coat was thin therefore easy to apply for beginners. Both coats did dry fairly quickly. I personally prefer this over the Sally Hansen one because its much easier to use and last for around 1 week or so. 

While applying the gel coat i did noticed if you only apply 1 coat of the colour and then apply the gel, the gel starts to drag the colour off the nail, resulting in a streaky nail. So i do recommend for you to apply 2 coats of the colour and wait for that to completely dry before applying the last gel coat so provide the gel look. 

I am not too sure as to why Rimmel would call this the gel nail look as gel nails a quite thick and super glossy, i would say this is quite more close to a normal nail polish and top coat - if you do like the gel look i would highly recommend the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel since that is quite thick and gives u a glossy look. I do like the Rimmel London nail polishes in terms of how long it lasts and the ease of application. I personally haven't tried their regular nail polishes but in the future i may compare the two for you.

You can purchase the whole range from Priceline. 
Nail Polish set click here
Gel colour click here 
Top coat click here 

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