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Beauty Haul 

Chanel seems to be one of the few brands that capture me by their beautiful packaging. Ribbons, camellias and crisp white wrapping paper what else could you ask for. 

In today's post i will be sharing a couple of products that i picked up and a quick review of each. Please do continue reading to find out more...
Since it was my birthday in January, i received a call from Chanel asking if i would like to come instore for a flash makeover. Of course hard to refuse, i made a booking and did so. After the makeup look was done i did purchase a couple of items because i couldn't bare to walk out empty handed. Browsing the beautiful beauty and fragrance counters i made up my mind and paid for my items, as always my products were wrapped perfectly with chanel paper and ribbon. At the end it was a lovely experience, which is why i love shopping there. The price you pay is for the products and amazing customer service too. 

On to the products!

Rouge Allure Gloss in Number 13 Affriolant - When the product first came out onto the market, i actually did receive a few samples of this product. After testing it out, i loved it and purchased the full size. 
Along with the lip glosses there is the Rouge Allure gloss. The RA gloss is an intense hit of colour in a gloss formula, they are very easy to apply and non-sticky. The only difference in comparison to a lip gloss would be that lip glosses are quite transparent with a hint of colour and shimmer. I do find that the RA gloss is quite comparable to the Dior Fluid Stick. 

Chance Eau Tendre - Eau de Toilette 50 ml - This scent would be my go to scent or the scent i would choose if i could only choose one for the rest of my life. It is quite floral and fruity which i love and also very feminine. At first it is very strong and noticeable but over time it does fade beautifully. Also very long lasting on myself. The fragrance consists of Grapefruit and Quince as top notes, Jasmine as Middle and a hint of musk/iris for the base - a perfect combination. If Eau Tendre doesn't float your boat you can also try Eau Fraiche and Eau Vive, they are from the same range but still quite significantly different. 


I'd just like to mention a few products that Chanel Beauty have just brought out onto the market.

Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Colour - Nail Polish
This is their new line of nail polishes, mainly leaned towards a gel nail look, rather than your ordinary nail polishes. I was told by my Beauty Advisor that Chanel will be discontinuing the previous nail polishes and replacing them with the new gel version, as of now the old polishes are still available. 

Rouge Coco Stylo - Lipstick
A very versatile lip product from Chanel, a lipstick, lipgloss and lip balm all in 1. The colour range is very vibrant suiting all ages and skin tones. The product is very smooth and super easy to apply. 

Les Beiges - Healthy Glow Foundation
Foundation that aims for a dewy, youthful look hence the name healthy glow. Has as SPF of 25/PA++ and comes in 8 shades. I found that it had a light to medium coverage (buildable). 

Extra - As a birthday gift, i was gifted a super cute Chanel USB. I love how it looks like a lipstick, but secretly a USB. Super happy that i received this as a birthday gift. 

Thanks all for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it. Please leave any comments you may have below, i will try my best to answer any questions that you my have, be sure to check back for a reply. Have a great day!

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  1. Oh wow these look amazing never used Chanel products before

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I hope you can try some in the future, Thanks for reading :)

  2. hooow pretty <3 everything looks extremely lovely x

    1. I love the packaging soo much :D Thanks for reading

  3. Love Chanel! The minimal but classy packaging gets me every time they have such a great range of products :)

    Nicole xx |

    1. Hehe, the packaging is amazing, Thanks for reading!

  4. I've never tried Chanel products, since they are on the pricey side.. but their packaging looks amazing and your post makes me want to try it all :D xx

    1. Aw, you can definitely try some samples before purchasing, like i do :D Thanks for reading!