How I Create My Perfect Manicure

Well all have that favourite colour nail polish we wear, as for myself, i have finally found it. For ever so long i've been on the hunt of a nude pink nail polish that would suit my skintone. I can finally say that the hunt is over. 

Today's post i will be sharing how i create my own DIY pedicure and manicure. 

The colour i have on my nails is Bare it all (105) by Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme* wear nail polish. After discovering this nail polish, i will never go to any other brand. The nail polish lasts for around the 1 week mark with barley any chips or flaking, it also strengthen my very flimsy weak nails. Also i must mention the colour is absolutely perfect for my own skintone. 

When doing a manicure, this is the process i go through. 
  1. Clean my nails with an acetone free nail polish remover, which removes any residue on my nails 
  2. I start by shaping my nails with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System*. It's an easy to use tool which has 2 settings and a head that can be adjusted accordingly there are 3 heads which are File nails , Buff nails and lastly Shine nails. 
  3. To finish off i use a usual filer to file any areas that i missed from the pervious step due to the fact that a board nail filer can be precisely controlled. 
  4. Last but not least i apply my nail polish to my nails with 3 strokes starting from middle and then the 2 sides.
You many have not heard about the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System, but it is a new product on the market by the brand Scholl. It is essentially an electric nail filer, who would have thought of that. I think that its a great idea and ideal for any nail/manicure fanatic. It is a tool that is used for filing and buffering nails. There are 3 separate nail file heads that can be attached and de-attached to your liking. This tool makes doing your weekly manicure effortless. 
So far i've been loving it and using every time i do my nails and will continue to for a while. 

What's your favourite nail polish colour? I'd love to hear below

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~
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*Product sent for consideration


  1. That is one beautiful shade! But I'd like to encourage you to always use a base coat ;) x

  2. That's a pretty shade! I should check it out!!! I am loving berries as we are almost in Autumn :)

  3. Lovely tips and a beautiful shade! I wear red all the time - it's a hard habit to break!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. I love wearing red polish once and a while :)

  4. Looks like the perfect nude shade!

  5. Once you go indie - you'll never go back ;) there are so many amazing indie polish companies out there that make nail polish 10 times better than any mainstream company :) also always use a base coat, top coat and cuticle oil. I can give you recommendations on all if you need :) the mani looks lovely on you