Chanel Illusion D'ombre Eyeshadow

Oh my love for Chanel beauty products, beautiful packaging and stunning customer service instore too. Here i am again with another review. Please continue reading to hear my thoughts on the Illusion D'ombre cream shadows. 
Chanel describes the cream eyeshadows as the intensely shimmering long wearing shadows that are versatile, the gel texture is both soft and cushiony and can be used as an eyeshadow or eyeliner, the brush provided is designed as a shadow/liner brush, made for the unique formular. 

The cream eyeshadows are perfect as an eyeshadow base/ all over lid colour, it can also be used an eyeliner. Personally don't think it would be ideal to use it as an eyeliner since it does smudge a bit through out the day. 

As for the produce itself i use a eye primer before application and i then apply the cream shadows, which helps it last much longer without any creasing what so ever. 

Without the primer the shadows don't last as long as i would like them to but the colours are too beautiful to not use/purchase. 

Emerveille 82 - A sparkly champagne colour, used as a everyday eyeshadow colour but it can also be used as a face highlighter on the bridge of the nose or the cheek bones. 
Illusion 83 - A purple,grey colour, it can be used to darken the outer corners of the eye and to create a toned down smokey eye.
Mirage 95 - Tupe/ copper, used as an all over shade and a natural everyday eye makeup look also an easy colour to work with. 

Before purchasing the product i suggest you swatch them at your nearest Chanel beauty counter and also check instore if the product is still new, previously i purchased one to find that it was all dried up but i easily got it swapped. 

They retail for $48AUD and come with a small applicator brush.

The cream shadows are a great product, they are quite pricey but an item that can be use everyday. I would recommend them if your looking for a nice cream eyeshadow but definitely not a necessity.

If you've tried any Chanel beauty products, what was your favourite product?, If not what would you like to try?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~
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  1. Ahh I love the little white Chanel bag! Plus the wrapping is lovely! I found that my previous mascara dried up quickly, but my new one this year hasn't! Hopefully they have revamped their products :) I love the look of these shadows, great colours, but a shame they don't last without primer!

    1. That's good to hear that their products have improved!

  2. I haven't tried anything from Channel as they are kinda pricey :) Their packaging definitely looks so pretty ans also their products... I'd like to try their blushes :) xx

    1. Sure is pricey, be sure to play with their products instore ~

  3. I love the shades and textures of these! Emerveille has been on my wishlist for ages as it looks so pretty and versatile! xo