Merry Christmas From Chanel Gift 2014

First of all i would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
I hope you all have a great christmas catching up with family/friends and enjoy opening presents.

Anyways on to the point of this post! 
I was super excited when i saw a letter from Chanel in my mail. There was a card inside notifying me that there was an exclusive Christmas gift for me to collect at my local Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Boutique Doncaster.

Revealing time !

It was beautiful presented with the white Chanel ribbon
Inside was a white hard cardboard box
Wrapped with tissue paper and sealed w/ a Chanel Sticker

Each individual card has 2 months eg Jan/Feb on 1 card and so on, on the other side there are some words that relate to Chanel as a brand. I have added for you all the pictures on the back of the cards. 


Once again i hope you enjoy 2014 Christmas, have a great day! 

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~


  1. This has freaked me out.. I live in Doncaster.. but in England! That's so weird haha.. I was like, where the hell do we have a Chanel boutique?! :)

    x GNAR MOSH x