Battle of Eye Primers

Eye primers, so many out there on the market. The words stay, long wearing, vibrant come to mind but which is the right one to choose? 

To make this easy for you i will be doing a comparison between 3 eye primers that are currently out on the market. I will be comparing them to find the best of the best, considering factors such as Price, Availability,  Lasting power, Application and Colour. 

  1. Urban Decay 10g = $30 
  2. Clarins 10g = $34
  3. Too Faced 11g = $29 

Urban Decay Primer Potion retails for $30 (10g)
Clarins Instant Eye Perfecting Base* retails for $34 (10g)
and Too Faced Shadow Insurance retails for $29 (11g)

Clear to see that Too faced will get the most for what you pay for.


Both Too Faced and Urban Decay are available at Mecca stores only, while Clarins is available at most Myer and David Jones stores. 
Keeping in mind that for where i live (Australia, Melbourne) Myer and David Jones have more stores compared to Mecca therefore easier to access compared to Mecca.

All 3 primers lasted for a whopping 6 hours without any smudging, even with oily eyelids. Therefore the quality of all 3 fairly are equal. After trying to remove the shadows with water they did not come off easily, it required a lot of scrubbing and rubbing until it came off. It was completely removed with some oil based makeup remover.

Both Urban Decay and Too Faced were easy to apply, just a bit thicker consistency compared to a tinted moisturiser which resulted in easy application. Clarins was a bit thick therefore blending was required before application of any shadows equals more time taken. Also both Urban Decay and Too Faced were a cream colour which made shadows more vibrant since it was similar to a white base for the eyelid. Clarins turned out to be a little orange which effected the shadows a little but not much.

As mentioned above in (application) Clarins was a little on the orange side therefore when applying shadows they did lean on the orange side. Both Too Faced and Urban Decay blended into a cream colour which helps bring the best of each shadow.

Both Too Faced and Clarins come in a tube with a small tip which makes it easier to control the amount need and is also more hygienic. Urban Decay comes in a tube with  a doe foot applicator. A little bit of a hassle controlling the amount required but isn't too big of a deal.

While the Clarins only has 1 shade, both Urban Decay and Too Faced has around 4 different other primers in their whole range. 

Urban Decay - Original/Eden/Sin, Pore Perfecting Complexion, Anti-Ageing and Brightening & Tightening.
Too Faced - Original, Glitter Glue, Candle Light and Champagne.


Initial application. Both Urban Decay and Too Faced are quite pale while Clarins is orange toned. 

Applying the shadow. All are just vibrant and long lasting. 

Removing the shadows with water. Clarins is probably the most easiest to remove while the other too are pretty much identical. All are easily removed with an oil based makeup remover.

Overall all 3 eye primers have their ups and downs, they all do their job of keeping your shadows in place and making your shadows look  more vibrant. The choice is yours. If you ask me, i would prefer the Too Faced Shadow Insurance since the tube is easy to use and it also is value for money. 

Let me know below which is your favourite eye primer, i'd love to try it out. 

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~
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Bobbi Brown eyeshadow was used in the comparison. 
*Product was sent for consideration.


  1. i haven' tried the clarins but have used the others. the first eye primer i used was the UD one then i moved onto NARS and now i'm using a MAC paint pot. of the three, i really enjoyed NARS the best. MAC is great for really evening out the color on the lid but it worked less well during the summer and was more prone to creasing my shadow.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I've heard good things about the MAC & Nars, just needa try em hehe. Thanks for reading!