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2015 has been remarkable for more than few reasons. Firstly, it does justice to a few of the old school favourites, and at the same time, there are some fresh new styles and designs that will be soon seen on streets and everywhere.

While everyone has been talking on how the gingham is the best print in years and why flats are better than stilettos in the current trends, not much has been said about the handbag trends. Here’s what you should know before buying your stuff!

Life comes to a full circle: Ah, that is not a quote! That’s the trend that has been ruling 2015 runways. The new age circular and round designs in handbags are one of the best styles you may have seen in a long time. The best part of this element is the effectiveness in design, so you have all kinds of designs starting from the sling designs to the coin purses and more. With a circular sling bag in white, you can match a perfect pair of white sneakers for that killer summer look! Click here for some cool summer sneakers. 

Cross it like a pro: Cross body bags have two things going in their favour. On the first note, these are really practical stuff, which means you can have for every day of the week for a purpose. Secondly, there are plenty of styles that are effectively available for all kinds of fashionistas. If you check some of the popular stores for accessories online, you will find some of these cool sling bags for quick styling. Make sure to play with the length of the sling and have more colours in the closet for easy match with any look. 

The clutch gets a handle: Yes, the new range of clutches to hit the market has handles or small slide-ins, where you can put your palm or finger. Ask the fashion experts and they will tell you that clutches are getting bigger and better, and even the smallest designs have handles and straps, which add quite a new dimension to the overall classic style. Some of the biggest designer houses have used clutches like a staple in their collection, and you have reasons to buy at least a couple. 

Tote is back with a bang: Totes are easily the most practical handbag styles you will come across. You can have one of the numerous designs that were seen on the spring summer runways of 2015 and stuff almost everything you have. The bigger bags have been interpreted with new elements at most of the designer collections, so there is something for every girl out there. 

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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion expert and a stylist, who writes on styles, glamour, trends and beyond is known for her simple practical style tips. She is also the chief editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion, a budding blog that peeks in to shows, style statements and much more.


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  1. Love all the different style of handbags :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  2. I've been meaning to buy a new handbag soon! i think I might head to kate spade, love the post!

    This Damsel Loves Blog