Gift Guide - Men

GIRLS: Finding a present for a guy can sometimes be difficult, so i've come up with a few ideas to help.

Wallet - Louis Vuitton
A wallet will be an item that he will use everyday, there are quite a large range of colours, types and styles to suit your own personal budget or a good idea would be to chip in with a group of friends to purchase an expensive wallet

Cologne - Lynx*
Us girls love when guys smell divine, so why not purchase something such as a nice cologne or even a daily fragrance for men, Lynx have a large range of scents to suit your man and it's an essential for a man so you really can't go wrong.

Watch - Armani Exchange
Also another gift could be a watch, an accessory that a guy can wear to either class up an outfit or just for everyday general use. Some suggestions brands - CK, Armani, Diesel and many more in stores.

Belt - Gucci
Generally not many people would think of getting a belt as a gift, it's more of a personal item but it is piece that guys wear quite often, so why not splurge on your man. A leather belt would be perfect, also something that is good in quality, will definitely last him a long time

I hope this post was helpful, and good luck finding a gift for your man, guy friends or boyfriend.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ~
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    1. Thanks, just check out your blog!

  2. I recently got my hubby a wallet, it's a great gift idea!


  3. Great options and it's actually my other half's birthday soon, so I definitely can get inspired with a few ideas now x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Thanks, glad you found this post helpful~